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Lessons for India from neighbourhood: Sri Lanka’s anti-torture law, June 2018

Article 11 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka specifically prohibits torture by stating that “no person shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. This prohibition is made absolute by Article 15, which prohibits any limitation on Article 11 under any circumstance, even for reasons of national security and […]


Torture in India 2010

“At a conference of Chief Justices and Chief Ministers some time back, I had pointed out that the Indian legal and judicial system, in some sense, reflects a great contradiction. Our democracy and our legal and judicial system have strengths that are admired the world over. We have a free press, a truly independent judiciary […]


Torture in India 2009

Torture in police custody is rampant in India. It is a pervasive problem that predates this report. The State and the police remain in worrying denial. The annual reports, Crime in India, of the National Crime Records Bureau of the Ministry of Home Affairs that report very few deaths in police custody reflect this disturbing […]