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India Torture Report 2020: Increase in custodial deaths despite COVID-19 lockdown, at least one suicide every week due to torture in police custody

NEW DELHI, 18 March 2020: India: Annual Report on Torture 2020 released today by the National Campaign Against Torture (NCAT) reported that despite the virtual shutdown of the country including complete lockdown from 24 March to 31 July 2020, India witnessed an increase in custodial deaths during the year and over one suicide every week […]

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NO EXCUSE OF KLEPTOMANIA: Poverty, Prejudices and Torture in India

In its report, “NO EXCUSE OF KLEPTOMANIA: Poverty, Prejudices and Torture in India” released today, the National Campaign Against Torture (NCAT) stated that the National Human Rights Commission its Annual Reports from 1996-97 to 2017-18 had cited 95 illustrative cases of custodial deaths, and out of these, the victims in 68 cases comprising 71.58% belong […]

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PRESS RELEASE: India records daily five deaths in custody, Uttar Pradesh tops deaths in police custody during 2019

New Delhi, 26 June: The National Campaign Against Torture (NCAT) in its “India: Annual Report on Torture 2019” released today on the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture stated that a total of 1,731 persons died in custody during 2019 i.e. death of about five persons daily. These included 1,606 […]