The State of Torture in Jharkhand

Torture is rampant in Jharkhand. The National Human Rights Commission registered 49 deaths in police custody during 2009-2010 to 2018-19 (as on 20.11.2018) and 552 deaths in judicial custody during 2009-10 and 2017-18 in the State which indicate the patterns of torture, custodial deaths and extra-judicial killings. Apart from the state of torture in Jharkhand, […]

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Rights group condemns high number of custodial deaths in India

Blitz 04 July 2019 Vijaya Laxmi Tripura An organization named ‘Campaign Against Torture in India’ has called upon to ratify the United NGO Campaign Against Torture (UNCAT). The  “Campaign Against Torture in India” while releasing “India: Annual Report on Torture 2018”  on the United Nations Day Against Torture stated that during 2018, a total of 1,966 custodial deaths […]

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India ‘refuses’ to ratify UN convention on torture despite 19% rise in custodial deaths

Counterview Thursday, July 04, 2019 Counterview Desk A European Commission (EU)-funded report, “Campaign against Torture in India: Prevention, Accountability and Rehabilitation”, has regretted that, despite a sharp rise in deaths caused by torture, the Government of India has failed to frame a law on custodial torture and inhuman treatment, even though India is a signatory […]


India Torture Update: Tamil Nadu, October 2018

This report discusses India’s refoulement policy, custodial torture in Tamil Nadu  i.e. in police custody and judicial custody, incidents of torture in India during October 2018 including torture in police custody and judicial custody,  torture and rape of women in custody, judiciary’s action against torture in India, interventions by the NHRC/SHRCs, UN Action Against Torture and examines Kenya’s anti-torture […]

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Kerala: God’s Own Country or the Land of ‘Urutti Kola’?, August 2018

New Delhi: In its report, “Kerala: God’s Own Country or the Land of ‘Urutti Kola’?, released today, Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) stated that ‘Urutti Kola’ i.e. murder by ‘rolling’ a heavy wooden log or iron pipe over the body, specially over the thighs of the victims is Kerala’s contribution to the lexicon of custodial violence in the […]