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Chakmas, Hajongs face regular torture in Arunachal: Study, Northeast Now

Northeast Now
16 October 2019

The Chakmas and Hajongs in Arunachal Pradesh are subjected to regular torture, said a report published by the National Campaign Against Torture (NCAT).

The report titled The State of Torture in Arunachal Pradesh was released by NCAT on Wednesday.

NCAT is a conglomerate of NGOs working to stamp out torture on Chakmas and Hajongs in Arunachal Pradesh.

The report also mentioned that Diyun police in the state have become a torture chamber for the Chakma and Hajong tribesmen which have recorded at least two of the state’s custodial deaths in last ten years, followed by suicide.

“At the heart of the Diyun becoming Arunachal’s torture chamber lies the systematic and institutionalised discrimination against the Chakmas and Hajongs who live in the area,” said NCAT coordinator Suhas Chakma.

“License is given to the police for lawless law enforcement,” he added.

He further said the Chakmas and Hajongs continued to be tortured despite the Supreme Court declaring them citizens in 1996.

“Many of the descendants of the migrants are citizens by birth and have been voting as citizens,” Chakma said.

“However, the methods of law enforcement have not changed,” he added.

Chakmas and Hajongs remain extremely vulnerable to torture as it is known to the law enforcement personnel that neither the State authorities nor the State political leaders shall ever intervene for them,” he said.

The report also mentioned about case studies of torture on Chakma and Hajongs by the state police on different occasions.

“From May 23 to 28 last year, one Khunna Naam, a murder accused was allegedly illegally detained for five days and tortured by police at Longding police station during interrogation,” the report said.

“After five days of illegal detention, Naam was produced before the local court on 28 May 2018 and was admitted to a local government health centre in critical condition,” the report further added.

“Following the torture, the victim even could not stand on his own feet,” the report further said.

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